4 Things YOU Should Be Doing Online

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What you SHOULD be doing online

If you want to re-read the title, for clarity, I am talking about things you SHOULD be doing online. This post is not about shaming you for posting pictures that expose you and your girlfriends guzzling wine on Friday night (it happens, I know). The topic of social media do’s and don’ts will come in a later post, but today let’s focus on the things that you aren’t doing online and probably should be. 

1. Being Professional

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Put on your big girl pants and create a Linkedin account, you can thank me later.

In today’s society, there are a million options for us ladies. We have apps to share our lives and experiences with friends and family and even the world. Whether it be through video or photos, or blog posts! We love to talk about our vacations, outfits and best friend’s surprise parties. We are constantly connected with one another, so why not take that same need for connection to a more professional platform?

Yes, I am talking about LinkedIn. If you are not using LinkedIn, sister get on it! I am such a fan and for so many reasons. LinkedIn is every 20something’s new best friend. It is allowing young people to build an online network of powerful and professional individuals, which eventually leads to amazing collaborations and even employment! LinkedIn is the place to manage your professional identity.

What if you don’t have a professional identity?

Don’t sweat, plenty of students hop on to app while studying to establish their career path and current interests. And, if you are not studying? No big deal! Create a profile and outline what you are doing, what kind of projects you’ve worked on in the past and your future aspirations, you’ll be amazed at who wants to connect with you. Think of this app as an online resume (cv) that is guaranteed to get you noticed.

Speaking from experience, LinkedIn has given me so many opportunities that I couldn’t find anywhere else online! Before doing a social media internship in London, I didn’t have intentions of having a LinkedIn account, however, my mentor suggested I give it a try. After creating a profile, I was able to grow my network and connect with professionals from all industries in London. I have even received job offers and landed a role as a writer for a kick ass online magazine! I feel like even when I move back to Canada, I will have so many contacts from London I can reach out to for opportunities.

Try it out for yourself! I would love to hear what you think and don’t be shy to invite me to your network.

Check out my LinkedIn here!

2. Staying Organised

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Organization is my jam ( photo – modern.tumblr.com )

How do you stay organized online when every time you open Facebook you fall into a spiral of binge watching X Factor auditions?  Well, let me tell you that Facebook and Instagram are the biggest culprits in being a productive adult. So forget about them.

Today I want to remind you of a few simple things you can do online that actually help you stay organized. If you have a (@gmail) email I am about to rock your world.

I am always on my laptop, whether it be for work or downtime so what better place to keep track of my schedule and to-do lists. If you have a Google email, when you open your browser you will see a grid in the top right corner. If you click on it, it will drop down with a menu full of goodies. Google’s built-in apps saved my life more than once. I am going to talk about a few of my favorites.

1. Google Calendar

I love keeping track of my schedule and being able to see exactly what is going on. During my internship, I created multiple schedules within one calendar. This is a great way to separate your work and personal life. Basically, it keeps everything in one place, and make’s it easy to view. I love being able to plan ahead and also look back on events from the past.

2. Google Keep

This one is even more simple than Calendar, it is essentially notes but, in your browser. Make a note of anything at any time, and have all of your ideas categorized AND in the same place online.

3. Google Drive

This is where I store my resumes, PDFs, and documents that are very important. Like an online USB stick that you can’t lose.

Being organized as a young adult can sometimes feel impossible. Luckily, with the use of Google apps I have been able to keep all of my ideas, work, documents and projects in the same space. I also like the idea that if anything ever happened and I couldn’t use my laptop or phone, I could easily access all this info by logging into my Google account on another phone/computer. Lifehack?

3. Online Shopping

annahayyy | shop on amazon

Let’s be very, very clear about this one. I am talking about online shopping and I’m also talking about things you SHOULD be doing online…wait, what? Many of you are probably thinking I already shop online, duh! But no hun, I am talking about a smarter way to shop, using online resources you maybe haven’t thought of to save some moolah.

My boyfriend LOVES Amazon. It got me thinking, every time I want to buy something, I get this itch to check Amazon first and see who is selling it and for how much. There have been multiple times that we have purchased through Amazon and saved a little bit of cash. Even for things as simple as a laptop case! I ordered one on Amazon for $20 instead of spending $35 on a really cute one from SkinnyDip. It works for everything, you name it, they sell it. New rule – compare prices on Amazon before purchasing!

Save that money babe!


4. Online Banking

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we could all use a saving plan $$$


Another obvious but useful tool lies within the realm of Online Banking. Most of us 20somethings rely on online banking to check our accounts, e-transfer each other and pay credit card bills. But! There are other features within online banking that are pretty cool, and worthwhile to check out.

I am currently baking with two different banks due to me living in the UK on a working visa. So I have the knowledge of both CIBC and HSBC, but whatever your bank, do some research and find out what else the banking app offers you!

I have discovered a savings calculator, that makes tracking saving goals a breeze!

There are endless tools online that were created and developed to make everyday life simpler. I know the ones I have shared with you today are quite obvious..but hey, if you arent using these tools yet it is a good place to start.

I am always trying new apps and strategies, so be on the look out for future posts with more in dept reviews! Thank you so much for reading, if you enjoyed this post be sure to scroll down and click the heart to “appreciate” this post!





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