Millennials Know How to Get Sh*t Done

I am a twenty year old who is seeking a creative career within the social media and communication industry. Many of my colleagues and mentors have told me that I am ambitious, driven and extremely hardworking. I was raised by two amazing parents that instilled in me strong core values and ethics that I am proud of. However, I am also a part of a generation that was raised with technology in our tool belt. My generation is constantly referred to as “lazy” and “entitled“. These negative connotations don’t sit right with me. I do think that, maybe, society has it all wrong. My generation is doing some pretty incredible things. So, today I am going to remind you why millennial’s are awesome, intelligent and extremely creative.

My generation is shaping the future, and that excites me.

There is a growing disconnect between many companies and the needs of their modern employees. These modern employees are commonly referred to as millennial’s. I myself am a millennial.


– a person reaching young adulthood in the 21st century


In my opinion this “disconnect” between my generation and the generation that came before me has a lot to do with expectations.  The previous generation (baby boomers) had their own way of doing things, and maybe aren’t adjusting to our way of getting sh*t done.

Now, I respect that the generation after me will impact and change MY workplace in the future. That doesn’t surprise me, change is a constant. I think the changes that millennial’s are currently bringing into the workplace are being misinterpreted. Many of us are dreamers. We have big goals and innovative ways of thinking. Let’s not confuse being unconventional for being lazy and self-absorbed. 

Millennials are doing things differently, its plain and simple. We are shaking things up and keeping it fresh. I did my homework on this topic and found a few statistics extremely interesting.

Did you know that millennials are now the single largest group within the workforce? Its true. We have different expectations of our careers and we are passionate about our opinions. 64% of millennials would rather make $40,000 a year at a job that they LOVE than $100,000 at a job they think is boring. In my opinion, life is far more enjoyable if the work you do each day brings you joy and satisfaction. It’s not just about the pay check for us “kids”. Millennials value experience over money, even if it’s more risky. 

Millennials strongly prefer a collaborative work culture rather than a competitive one. I think working cohesively promotes creativity and encourages innovative ideas. Healthy competition will always be beneficial, but sometimes cut throat environments create a toxic energy.

Millennials beliefs are contrasting previous generations. We believe that business success should be measured by MORE than just profit. Again, it’s not all about the money for us. We want to see social change and make an impact on society.  Not just earn pay checks, pay bills and get promotions. 84% of millennials actually said that making a difference in the world is more important to them than professional recognition. As a group I think we want to see the world become a better place, and considering the current state we are in…we have nowhere to go but up!

This dominant generation is realizing what life is supposed to look like. We are aligning our values with our careers. We value our families, community and creativity in our work. There’s nothing wrong with that!

54% of millennials either want to start their own business or already have. We feel entitled to make our dreams become reality, and instead of waiting for opportunities, we are creating them. We are taking over the online business market with simply a laptop and wi-fi connection.

We are highly efficient when it comes to technology and social media. This is the most commonly frowned upon aspect of our generation. However, let’s face the facts. We are “digital natives”. Technology was introduced to us at an early age, we were able to grow and evolve with new technology at our fingertips. Millennials don’t just use social media – they invented it. All of this technology makes our lives easier and enables us to stay connected. We grew up being able to process information quicker thanks to technology.

Millennial myths busted.

We are a hard-working, entrepreneurial and optimistic.

We will redefine what it means to be productive.

We will make an impact on everyone we meet.

We will be invaluable leaders.

We will make social change.

We aren’t the future.

We are the NOW.



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