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Hello and welcome back to annahayyy!

I am so excited to be announcing a NEW series on my blog called INSPIRE ME. There are so many reasons why this series is going to blow you away!

I received so much love for my last series THE CREATIVE PROCESS where I interviewed, Sierra, Mason, Lauren, Alissa, Taylor, and Kat on their journeys as female creatives. I am the type of person who finds so much inspiration in hearing others stories, triumphs, and failures. Learning what worked (and didn’t work) in other peoples creative processes motivated me to continue my path in blogging and content creation. Which leads me directly to this new series, chasing that exhilarating feeling.

Hannah Russell | annahayyy

If I had to tell you what my favorite feeling was (other than love and support), I would tell you it’s the tingling sensation I get when inspiration comes over me. When I see something that sparks that sensation or read a blog post/book that resonates with my dreams and goals, there is this untouchable feeling that comes through me. Sometime’s this feeling even happens when I have an intense conversation with a friend. Without judgment or too much thought, we contemplate our biggest ideas, and I get such a high from all of the possibilities, I feel limitless and active.

In those moments, my vision is so clear, what I want out of my career and life is simple and unclouded.

So friends, throughout this series I want to be the instigator, I want to connect you to someone, or something that brings you that feeling. That inspired sensation that I am trying so hard to describe.

Today we are kicking things off with a handful of female YouTubers that have completely changed my life, from the foods I eat to the clothes I wear, to my views on spirituality. These ladies are hardcore influencers, as are many popular YouTubers. The difference is, I can feel the genuine personality that each woman has, and their sense of self is evident. For that reason, I choose to tune in week after week and take value from what they have to say. From all over the globe, they offer such different stories, life lessons, and helpful ideas.


Connecting you with people, places, and things.

To give you a sense of innovation and imagination.

Chasing inspiration.

Your daily dose of YouTube Girlbosses…

  1. Sarah’s Day

    All though this list is in no particular order, Sarah is my most recent discovery. This lady is the definition of bubbly and her down to earth vibe will have you hooked after one fitness vlog. She uploads a YouTube video “every three days,” and her content is just straightforward and easy to watch. Sarah is always talking about her Paleo diet and personalized fitness regime.

    Photo from

    I have fallen into watching many fitness girls on YouTube and Instagram and usually put my phone down feeling negatively towards my body. But! With Sarah, she preaches “listening to your body” and “having fun” at the gym. I appreciate her genuine and real attitude on camera. She often jokes about being a “grub” which is something I laugh at and can most definitely relate.

All in favor of more honest and genuine Youtubers, raise your hand! But seriously, if you want to feel inspired to live a healthier life and dive into fitness this is your girl.



I will gladly take her advice!


Photo from


Although it is clear that Sarah does produce sponsored content (Tropeaka, The 5th + Loving Earth) I trust that her opinions are real. Her relationships with the brands she does endorse sparked from her using their products organically.

She also has an ebook called Sweat It To Shred It which sounds unreal. I am happily working on my workout routine (with the help of my boyfriend) but look forward to purchasing Sarah’s in the future. It is an active lifestyle challenge with workouts designed by Sezzy herself.

Check her out; you can thank me later!

Check it out, babes!




Sarah’s YouTube

Sarah’s Instagram

Sarah’s Website



2. Estee Lalonde

My boyfriend is going to be rolling his eyes as a dive into my Estee Lalonde rant. This woman is LEGIT; she is humble, honest and unique. I have been following her YouTube journey for years. She is Canadian (another reason to love her!) and living in London (how relatable?!). Estee talks stationary, sense of style, luxe beauty, and organization. She has never strayed from who she is, and you can tell. She is not trying to portray a perfect lifestyle, she lets her viewers see her at high and low, and in doing this creates a sense of intimacy. She will inspire you, add her to your Youtube roster.

Photo from

Over the years I have become quite obsessed with Estee. My fangirl motives have even lead me to blog about how amazing she is…but in all honesty if young girls are turning to YouTube for advice on things I want them to stumble upon Estee’s channel. She is a voice of reason and truth in a sea of self-absorbed, social media obsessed girls who are repeating each other’s words.

The Ultimate Girlboss

Not to mention Estee is the real content queen, from blog posts to YouTube videos, everything she creates is beautiful and easy to consume. Her aesthetic is ALWAYS on point.

She is the definition of GIRLBOSS and very inspiring. If my obsessive rant doesn’t have you convinced please just go check out her channels for yourself.

And I have to mention her book BLOOM; I read it in under a week! (Add it to your summer reading list)

Easy to read and full of real advice


Estee’s YouTube

Estee’s Instagram

Estee’s Website

Click here Estee’s NEW Podcast!




3. Cartia Mallan

My spiritual sister, Cartia. This lady has some good energy to give you. She is so spiritual and connected. A constant preacher of meditation and mindfulness, her entire being is refreshing. I stumbled across Cartia’s channel a few years ago and instantly fell in love. Her transparency online is hard to come by; she is always creating art – which I adore. Short films, poetry, film photography. Her vibe is addictive. More than once Cartia has stated that she feels as though she possesses a greater purpose than being “YouTube Famous.” Her aim is to inspire, motivate and embrace the world. (Love her outlook on life!!)

What a babbbbbe

From the law of attraction to manifestation Cartia has spewed her experiences and advice on YouTube. Fun fact – Cartia inspired me to dive into learning more about crystals and energy, something I am still curiously navigating.

A prominent theme in the women I watch on YouTube is their genuine personality and honest opinions, but Carty takes this to the next level. She openly shares her words and art, and that fearlessness pushes me to do the same.

I sincerely encourage you to dive head first into her videos, have a little binge watch and get back to me with your thoughts.



Journal Entry from Cartia’s Blog




Cartia’s Blog

Cartia’s YouTube

Cartia’s Instagram





4. The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet is a blog about personal finance and living better (without being boring). Founded by writer Chelsea Fagan in August 2014 as a personal blog to track her budget, TFD has grown into a living, breathing conversation about money, with a wide community of contributors, hundreds of personal stories, and expert testimony in everything from creating a budget to avoiding $10 office salads.

So this one is quite personal to me…nobody likes to talk about money, and nobody really does! That’s what I thought until I stumbled upon The Financial Diet on YouTube. Real women talking about real financial struggles, oh how I could relate! All the questions I felt too embarrassed to ask, were being answered and in depth.

TFD has helped me start planning for the future in a way that I wasn’t before. I am slowly gaining more confidence in my finances and I have the ladies behind TFD to thank for that. Because finances can restrict our dreams and goals ( I have fell victim to this ) it is so important to learn how to stay on top of our money and plan for bumps in the road.

Chelsea Fagan is quirky, honest and relatable. If I had to sum up The Financial Diet I would is well worth your time. I hope it will inspire you to look at your finances in a new light.

Chelsea and Lauren from TFD


TFD on YouTube

TFD on Instagram

TFD’s Amazing Blog

Shop TFD



5. Marie Forleo

Last but definitely not least I have for you Marie Forleo.

Marie is the next Oprah, I swear. She emulates inspiration and urges me to follow my dreams. I first came across her on YouTube interviewing one of my favorite authors Elizabeth Gilbert. The two powerhouse women were discussing Gilbert’s book Big Magic which I absolutely loved! As I watched the interview I just fell in love with Marie’s personality and her outlook on life.

Marie is an “entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist and an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be”. 

Marie Forleo | annahayyy

I just love her! There is no topic left untouched on her platform, and she has helped me navigate some tricky obstacles in both my personal and professional life. Thanks, Marie!

Marie’s Instagram

Marie’s Website

Marie’s YouTube


Hannah Russell Blog | annahayyy

If I am being completely honest, I have been watching YouTube since I was in ninth grade. I have sought out girls to look up to time and time again. As I mature, I find new YouTubers that strike me, that I can relate to, and that inspire me. YouTube will always be a source of inspiration for me because it is as close to real, genuine entertainment we have online. Whatever you enjoy, you will find an individual or channel that interests you.

If you check out Sarah, Estee, Cartia, TFD or Marie please let me know in the comments! Or leave me a comment with your go-to YouTuber, I’d love to add someone new to my list.

Looking forward to next week where we talk about a new source of inspiration ( INSPIRE ME 2.0).


Live a creative life & progress with passion,








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