FREE Mini Workbook | How-To Turn Your Passion Into A Creative and Successful Career

Hi there!

Below is the link to my work book, please feel free to download it and even print it out!


HowTo : Turn Your Passion Into A Creative & Succesful Career


I truly hope the questions and info in the workbook help you find clarity in determining your passion and finding a way to mesh it with a career that truly satisfies you.

If you have ANY questions feel free to reach me at and I would be more than happy to help you discover, grow, plan and achieve your dreams!


Live a creative life + progress with passion,


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  • Kate

    What did you use to create this? Like what website online?

    • Thanks for the comment Kate! I used Canva to create most of my graphics. I am putting together a Canva How-To Post, so stay tuned! It’s a great platform.

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