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Welcome back to the INSPIRE ME series. I hope this blog post finds you well. I’ve been stressing this need for inspiration lately. I think there is great power in having resources that light you up and leave you feeling energized and ready to create daily. In my previous posts, I spoke about YouTubers you need to watch and Podcasts that will leave you feeling inspired. Today, however, we are taking a slight detour to discuss the importance of your daily practices and how even the small things can leave you feeling inspired.


The topic of becoming mindful has blown up this year. Everyone is telling me to meditate, preaching the benefits of softening your gaze and quieting your mind. **I don’t disagree that meditation answers a lot of questions, but for me, it is a work in progress. I haven’t quite mastered the practice and don’t feel confident discussing it thoroughly for that reason.**

Although mediation is an ongoing lesson for me, I can speak up about becoming more mindful. Becoming present in my daily life has helped me feel more human, opposed to being a distracted and negligent individual.

I hope that makes sense, but truly settling into the moments, and experiences I have every day helps me feel alive.

Unplugging from social media has helped me stay connected to the world around me. Even though the majority of my work is online, I still prefer to stay away from social media in the early hours of my day and before bed. (One product I’ve introduced to my daily routine is using Lavender & Coconut Spray to revitalize me in the am or calm my mind in the pm. It smells amazing!)

DIY Lavender Linen Spray Relax Calm Unwind
Pictured is a DIY Lavender Linen Spray by Athena Calderone featured on Food52.com

Little things like, actually listening to who you are talking to, and doing tasks without music or distraction have helped me feel organically inspired by my surroundings. Becoming mindful and present is so simple that it is overlooked and not valued as much as it should be.

I honestly believe the world is full of inspiration, sometimes it is simply about slowing down to recognize this.

If you want to practice mindfulness in your daily routine, try these tips!

  • Slow down when you are doing things, whether it is making breakfast or folding your laundry. Slow it down, and let yourself be in the moment. If you can focus in on daily routine tasks, you will be able to settle into big and magical moments.
  • Ask yourself if you feel in tune with yourself? Do you feel energized and connected to what you do every day? If the answer is no, it is a good indicator to take action. Change up your routine and get excited about life.
  • Make sure you are breathing! I’m serious if you need to hop into a few yoga classes, do that! Or just simply practice your breathing. There are so many good breathing exercises online, take 15 mins a day to work on your breath and thank me later. It is so relaxing and good for the soul, I promise.



I will never stop preaching about gratitude lists, and for so many reasons. They work ladies!

Write down what you are thankful for, write down the good moments in your day and what made you laugh.

Do this every day, and your mindset will bloom into an open and perceptive energy. You will feel happier and as a result be more open to inspiration. New ideas and creative energy will naturally flow through you.

I have always loved the effects of showing gratitude in my daily life.

Give thanks for this amazing life that you live.

Every single day.

One app that I adore using for my daily gratitude lists is The Five Minute Journal. I was given the app from a friend, and I have used it so much! I am usually a pen and paper gal, but I love the simple layout and easy to use format within the app. (And I always seem to have my phone right beside me..)

If you are looking for a more traditional gratitude, journal/notebook check out Kikki.K for some adorable and aesthetic options!

inspire me daily practices


We are talking about the basics today and finding inspiration in your food may sound a little funny but trust me, I know what I am getting at. How many times have people told you “food is fuel” or “fuel your body” or even more cliche “you are what you eat.

These sayings are not wrong! I have spent so much time lately taking a look at my diet, and in doing this, I have realized where I could improve and eat better. I have been spending time in the kitchen trying to make better meals, understand what is in my food and feel confident in my consumption choices.

Eating healthy and whole foods has made me feel like a million dollars, and this rejuvenated attitude that came with it has me on some kind of healthy high. Also, in a state of inspiration. I feel like I’m glowing from the inside out.

Take a look at what you are putting into your body. Fuel yourself properly and respect yourself. Cut the crap, choose to be healthy and take time getting to know what your body needs.


Just do it, seriously. Go for a run, take a yoga class or splurge on that gym membership. You aren’t getting any younger and taking care of your body should be such a priority. So, if not for the surge of energy and inspiration get into fitness for your overall health.

Strengthening your muscles through activities and exercise is liberating. Challenge your limits and get the hell outside your comfort zone. Good things will start to happen when you allow yourself this escape.

Think of the longevity of your life, and the happiness that surrounds a healthy, rewarding lifestyle.


So ladies (and gents) there you have it! I am trying to spend time reflecting on my year and it has brought me to realize the small, daily practices shape us into who we are. So who ask yourself, in six months time who do you want to be? Set some goals for yourself and reevaluate your progress as time passes.

Inspiration is all around you, find it and use it.

Live a creative life & progress with passion.





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