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introducing | Mason Neufeld


Mason Neufeld is a creative powerhouse and wildly passionate about her craft. Based in the humble Saskatchewan prairies but available worldwide, Mason is ambitious and adventurous in her photography approach. She utilizes natural lighting and mesmerizing landscapes to capture couples and individuals in their true essence. I have had the pleasure to know Mason personally and work with her in her early years of discovering photography. She has never failed to amaze me with her innovative ideas and work ethic. I have adored watching her grow and find success and joy in her work. With an action packed year ahead I thought now was a great time to check in! I wanted to know what makes Mason tick, what feeds her creative appetite and what her artistic process looks like.

H : Mason! You are so effortless in your craft, when did you get into photography? And, when did you realize you wanted to make it a career?

M : I didn’t really get into photography; it was just sort of always there. Taking, editing, and sharing my photos has been second-nature to me since I got my first camera when I was 11. In my childhood I can remember wandering around the woods at all hours of the day taking photos of animals and nature. As a teenager I was able to travel and developed a desire to photograph people in those exotic locations.

“My love of nature, travel, and photography are just parts of who I am, so the transition into becoming a destination wedding photographer felt so natural.”

As I grew up, so did my passion for photography. I first started to “sell” portrait sessions when I was 16. It’s funny to think that at that stage in life photographing a wedding was a wild dream of mine. The people who I photographed kind of grew in stages as I grew. When I was younger I mainly photographed my friends and their families, and then when I graduated I shot a lot of grads and a few weddings here and there, and now I shoot primarily weddings and engagements.

This year is my third year shooting weddings, second year doing it professionally, and first year doing it full time.


H : I have loved witnessing your growth, as an individual and a photographer. I know you had some incredible mentors… tell me a bit about your background. Where did you study and develop your skill set? 

M : I’ve always been a self-taught kind of person. When I first got into photography it was mainly trial and error, observing photographers and artists that I admired, and reading books and blogs on my own time. Although those processes are still a huge part of how I learn, I’ve recently expanded my “education” into attending various photography workshops from incredible photographers around the world.

Mason Neufeld at Joshua Tree in California

Last summer I learned from the famed Jose Villa at a workshop in Joshua Tree, California. Right now I have been studying film photography from various resources, and am receiving an online mentorship from an incredible photographer. In October I will be travelling to Bali to receive a one-on-one workshop from one of my favourite destination wedding photographers (yay!!).

H : So exciting! I believe you can always grow and learn as a creative. What and who inspires you?

M : I am completely inspired by nature. Every moment that I spend out in nature I find something of the marvelous. I think that the world around us contains an ever-changing, never-ending steam of inspiration. Our world is constantly producing the most beautiful colors and contrasts and phenomena.

“The diverse and un-ending beauty that is our world is also what challenges me as a photographer.”

I think that anyone, photographer or not, can relate to that statement. Take, for example, a beautiful full-moon night or a vibrant sunset. It is nearly impossible to capture the way that those scenes really looked, or felt using only an iPhone or even a professional camera.

I’m always aiming to capture the scenes and people who I photograph to match the way that they really looked, or felt; in an experiential way, like a painter would alter colors to capture the mood and atmosphere of a moment. For me, shooting film is the tool that almost always captures colors and light in the way that I experience them.

“Weddings hugely inspire me. Marriage is such a beautiful celebration in a person’s life. I love witnessing the beautiful and creative ways that people come up with to celebrate their love.

A wedding is the only day in the lives of two humans that everyone they love will be in the same area for one reason, to celebrate them.

Every weekend I get to immerse myself in the happiest day in the lives of two people. I get to photograph and experience the nervous smiles, tears, and moments of overwhelming joy. It’s truly beautiful to be a part of the couple’s wedding day. It’s my job to be by their side at almost all times, to try to immerse myself into their experiences and emotions in order to capture them best. I find this experience so inspiring.

H : Wow. You make me want to tag along and witness that! I can’t imagine the intimate moments you have seen in your role as a wedding photographer. It sound so beautiful and rewarding. On the contrary, what has been your biggest challenge in pursuing a creative career?

M : I would say that one of the biggest challenges in becoming a creative entrepreneur is simply convincing yourself, and the people you surround yourself with that you can make a living off of your passion.

“It’s a hard thing to internalize, that you really can be enormously happy while making money at the same time.”

For me, pursuing my creative passion involved re-wiring the way I thought about money. As creative professionals we hear so often: “make sure you have a backup plan”, “never quit your day job”, “you won’t make enough money to live in the real world” … etc. But those exact thought processes are what hinders profits in the entrepreneurial world. If you really want to be a photographer, or entrepreneur of any kind for that matter, you need to go all-in; work tirelessly every day, obsess over every detail, hit the ground running full force toward your dreams.

Another area of my brain that I found myself needing to re-wire in order to attain success was the box I put myself in as to what I thought was possible. In previous years I was timid and humble about my goals and aspirations.

“Every time I got a wild idea I would immediately deem it as un-attainable, and then simply dream about it instead of make it into a goal. “

Well guess what, last year all of those “un-attainable” ideas that I dreamed about so often came true. Every single dream that I had been manifesting and building up inside came to completion!

From that I have learned that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Anything you can dream up in your mind is totally attainable, if only you’re able to think it. I am constantly trying to break down limiting paradigms that our communities feed our brains because It’s so essential to expand what we think is possible. Every single time I get an idea that I think is even slightly “un-attainable” I make it a goal.

H : I am a strong believer in manifesting your dreams! I am so excited that you have the same mindset. You have such a strong sense of self, I completely admire that. What keeps you motivated and striving to achieve your goals? 

M : My mind is always bustling and bursting with new ideas, goals, and possibilities. My brain is too darn busy to feel overly un-motivated. I’m too busy trying to make my newest wild idea come to life. I mean… don’t get me wrong, of course I sometimes turn my brain off and binge watch Netflix until 2am, but the majority of the time I’m thinking photography.

H : Now I’m curious what you’re watching on Netflix! Hah! I want to hear about your favourite shoots. Lets see some of your work!

M : I have so many favorite shoots for different reasons.

This photo was taken during a wedding day. Grandma said “when you were born I was very, very sick. I never thought I would be able to see this day.” everyone in the room was in tears (as was I). It was the most beautiful moment.

This sweet engagement session is one of my favorites because these two are so so sweet and in love. This shoot was quite adventurous, we had to do some off roading to find this hidden gem of a location in Southern Saskatchewan.

This elopement inspiration shoot is one of my favorites because I planned the session alongside many incredible wedding vendors in the industry. This couple is so in love, and so kind and willing to do whatever we needed to do for the photos. We hiked up a mountainside in Zion National Park in Utah at 6am for the sunrise and it was incredible.

This styled wedding inspiration shoot is one of my favorites because it was my first real experience shooting film. It was so wonderful to collaborate with such a talented team of vendors to make it happen. This shoot made me fall head-over-heels in love with film, and ever since I have been doing everything I can to immerse myself in the world of film photography.

This photo is part of a larger series of shoots of this seriously incredible couple. It was taken while Sage & Shane and I were on a 3-day road trip throughout Southern British Columbia to explore beautiful locations like Kelowna, Waterton, and Osooyos. These two world travelers define what love really is. I’ve never met two people who are more in-tune with each other than them, and I feel honored to have been able to take their photos in such beautiful locations.

Wow was it ever hard to choose my favorites! There are so many other shoots I would love to talk for hours about.

H : Okay so, I am booking you for my wedding photos when the day comes! Beautiful work Mason! What are your goals for the upcoming year in relation to your career? What do you have planned?

M : Oh boy. I have so many plans and goals!

This summer and fall I will be photographing almost 30 weddings. I am so excited to be a part of all of those beautiful days, and I plan to knock them all out of the park photography wise. I have so many ideas and goals for each and every wedding day, and I’m excited to bring those visions to life.

My long-term goal in wedding photography is to build a destination wedding platform. I love to travel, I love nature, I love weddings and elopements, it just makes sense to me. I have several destination weddings, elopements, and editorial shoots planned in places like California, Bali, Mountain tops near Vancouver, The Mayan Riviera, Iceland, and Hawaii to name a few. How darn exciting is that?!

In a more direct sense my goal this year is to grow in the art of film photography. I aim to expand my knowledge in the technical aspects of working with film, and create film photographs from all of my weddings and adventures.

H : I am so excited to see the results! In conclusion I want to know if you have any advice to individuals trying to establish themselves as a photographer? 

M : Go all in!

You are 100% capable of whatever you put your mind to. Pour your heart into it. Pursue your passion. You will surprise yourself! I am so excited for you to start this amazing journey. There are so many incredibly exciting things for you to discover in your very near path. You have all of the answers within you, follow your intuition at every step and you will find yourself living a life that makes you happy and fulfilled. 

Mason Neufeld is truly an inspiration! This passionate and ambitious young lady has goals and dreams that are driving her to find success. She is confident and driven in her approach. I am so proud to know her, and have the opportunity to witness her growth and development. I admire her Creative Process and will link all of her contact details below!

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