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Jewelry designed by Alissa Ramage ( Oneiro )

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This series has become a very passionate project for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed chatting with different artists and creatives, learning about their stories and how they built a creative career that suits their lifestyle.

This series is about shining a light on creatives that are hustling to make a name for themselves, their art, or their business.

Although challenging, and often unordinary, the path to living a creative life is often full of surprises and wonderful opportunities.




introducing | Alissa Ramage

Alissa Ramage
Beautiful designs by Alissa Ramage | Oneiro

Today, I am so excited to share Alissa Ramage’s story.

This creative entrepreneur has developed her own jewelry brand after having what she explained as a “quarter-life crisis”. Alissa obtained a degree in Microbiology and Immunology (umm, seriously cool!). However, her path in science was short-lived and after graduation, she felt inclined to move in a different direction. Like any adventurous soul, Alissa spent a few years traveling the globe and one day started to explore her creative side. From there, things escalated quickly and the jewelry line called “Oneiro” was born. | THE CREATIVE PROCESS
Jewelry designed by Alissa Ramage ( Oneiro )

“Today I am the founder, designer, and maker for Oneiro and I absolutely love what I do. I also work for Hardpressed Studios as part of the Art Direction team. I am also one of the buyers and curators for the shop. With both of these jobs, I am able to travel the world which is one of my biggest passions in life and meet new people daily. I also enjoy spending time at the lake in the summer, eating ice cream and going for bike rides.” | THE CREATIVE PROCESS
Alissa Ramage Designer and Owner of Oneiro


H: Tell me about your current career! How did you begin making jewelry? When did you develop an interest in designing and selling your own work?

A: Like most 24ish year-olds I went through a quarter-life crisis, where I really questioned my choice on a degree. I found Microbiology very interesting but was not very passionate about it. One day I was messing around making a wall hanging for a friend and I found that I was so excited about making something with my hands, it felt like electricity was running through me. Since that day I have run with that feeling and created my jewelry line called Oneiro. | THE CREATIVE PROCESS
Featuring Oneiro Jewelry


H: I’m so happy you are doing what you are passionate about! At what point did you realize THIS was what you wanted to do for a living?

A: I was working at a clothing boutique in Saskatoon called Luna and Hill at the time of this “quarter life crisis” and the owner was very supportive. She encouraged me to pursue my own business and find what I am not only good at, but passionate about as well. She let me sell my art and jewelry in her store, and from there I started to grow my company online and wholesale throughout Saskatchewan.


H: Where have you studied, trained, and furthered your skill set?

A: I’ve always been the crafty type since I can remember so most of my skill sets are self-taught and through a lot of trial and error. I’ve taken a metalsmith class in Vancouver and I’ve spent countless hours watching YouTube videos online. Throughout my time at other jobs, I have also acquired very important skills beyond making/designing jewelry. For example sales, marketing, graphic design, web design, photography, merchandising and accounting are all aspects of owning my own business.

Oneiro Jewelry by Alissa Ramage
Jewelry Designed by Alissa Ramage

H: I think it is so important to understand and learn skills that can apply to all aspects of a business! Good for you. What and who inspires you?

A: I get asked this question a lot, and I never really know the answer.

My love for traveling usually triggers me to grow and think of new ideas. I also think that surrounding myself with positive and like-minded people has really pushed me to be true to myself. Going back to this electricity feeling…this usually happens when I collaborate for photo shoots with a room full of other creatives. There is something about getting into a room with a hair stylist, makeup artist, model, photographer and stylist and all coming together to create what I have going on in my head that makes the hairs on my arm stand up. I love learning from other artists and seeing their forms of art come to life as well as mine.

“There is something about getting into a room with a hair stylist, makeup artist, model, photographer and stylist and all coming together to create what I have going on in my head that makes the hairs on my arm stand up.” | THE CREATIVE PROCESS
Oneiro Jewelry by Alissa Ramage

I love learning from other artists and seeing their forms of art come to life as well as mine.

H: I think I know exactly what you’re talking about! Bringing a vision to life can be such an incredible feeling. On the flip side, what would you say has been your biggest challenge in pursuing a creative career?

A: Hands down my love for procrastination!

It gets me into trouble every time, but I also do my best work when the pressure is on. I think a lot of artists can relate to this and sometimes it feels like you are forcing an idea or project. The goal is to work through those ruts and keep growing until you have those “ah ha!” moments.

H: Creative blocks can be so discouraging! But sometimes I feel almost motivated to get out of that “rut” and create something really amazing. Speaking of procrastinating…what keeps you motivated?

 A: The more my company grows and the more I see my jewelry on people. This is one of the best feelings out there. Nowadays we have so many options thrown in our faces every day, and a bazillion more online. So the fact that someone was drawn to one of MY pieces and then chose to spend their money on something that I created is truly one of the most gratifying aspects of my job. | THE CREATIVE PROCESS
Oneiro Jewelry by Alissa Ramage

H: Tell me about your favorite project that you’ve ever worked on.


“One of my favorite things to do is to promote and help other entrepreneurs.”

For this reason, I am also one of the founders and organizers for a market called the Black Market Market that runs around Christmas. It is a market to bring together Saskatoon’s finest and most talented makers, shakers and movers. We have also expanded this year and created the Wedding Market Market to showcase the alternative options out in Saskatoon for the bride and/or groom to be. | THE CREATIVE PROCESS

H: I love it. What are your future goals + plans for your brand?

A: In the future, I hope Oneiro will be in more stores across Canada.

Ideally, as the brand grows I would like to offer some more high-end pieces and get into engagement and wedding rings, but I still have a lot to learn.

Eventually, when the time is right I would love to open up my own store. | THE CREATIVE PROCESS
Alissa Ramage wearing Oneiro Jewelry

H: If you could give any advice to someone trying to start a niche business what would it be?

A: Do not look at what other people are doing!

Social media can be such a dangerous thing to get wrapped up in and stir up feelings of jealousy and self-doubt.

“Just be yourself, focus on your art and follow your heart.”

-Alissa Ramage


There you have it, folks! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Follow your passion and pursue that creative path. I absolutely loved chatting with Alissa (thanks for sharing!). Hopefully, this article leaves you feeling ready to venture into your own creative process. If you enjoyed reading this article be sure to scroll down and click the heart to appreciate this post. To read the last feature in The Creative Process click here!

Check out Oneiro on Instagram and visit the official website to do some shopping!

What is your passion? Are you ready to embark as a creative entrepreneur? Let me know what creative pursuit you want to take in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!


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