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Hi, Babes!

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet. Today we are talking about one of my favorite design tools ever created, which is Canva. I put together a little Canva review for you. I need to get this straight from the beginning. All opinions are my own and I am not being sponsored to create this review. I have genuinely used this tool to create and design all kinds of things for over two years. It has been thoroughly tried and tested by yours truly. Let’s get into the review…

How/Why did I start using Canva?

A quick backstory about how I stumbled upon Canva. The entire reason I went searching for a design tool in the first place was to create thumbnails for my Youtube channel. I know, you’re thinking, what YouTube channel? If you didn’t know I use to post weekly vlogs (solely for fun) and at the time it was my passion project. I had so much fun filming, editing, and posting these vlogs that were a sneak-peak into my life. Being the obsessive personality that I am, I had to do everything as best as I could. And, well, having cool thumbnails was a must. I struggled to find something that would allow me to create what I envisioned for a thumbnail.

Then, I found Canva. I created an account and quickly (and easily) started designing what I envisioned. Using images and text just how I wanted. Not to mention, I have no experience in graphic design, so the fact that I was able to use the tools and templates with no confusion was major for me!


Why I Love Using Canva

We are going to be short, sweet and to the point with why I love creating and designing in Canva. To keep this blog post a decent length (we all know I tend to go on and on about things that I love..). 

  1. It is so easy to use. 

    Seriously, I am not a graphic designer. But, I can hop onto Canva and create YouTube thumbnails, blog graphics, business cards, logos, e-books, anything! It takes the confusion out of creating. It gives you the perfect dimensions for social media and sizes your designs perfectly. Not to mention – their support team is great!

  2. Accessible on my laptop + computer. 

    Hallelujiah! I am always on the go, running to work, on the bus, and everywhere in between. I mainly design on my computer because I prefer the larger screen and visual layout. But! I have the Canva app and can access all of my designs on my phone if I ever need to show someone while I’m on the go or if I need to add finishing touches on my way to work in the morning. The mobile app is so dang handy, I am happy to have the option of using it when I need to.

  3. Ready to design templates. 

    Sometimes I log on and know exactly what I am going to create and how I want it to look. Other times, I am staring at the screen itching for inspiration or assistance. This is when Canva’s templates are a lifesaver! They have some beautiful templates that you can use (and modify to your liking). Their team of graphic designers puts them together and they are definitely not your average, run-of-the-mill templates.

  4. It’s FREE! 

    This should have been my number one point! Mainly because it is hard to find FREE design software/platforms that are actually capable of doing the things you want them too. You can sign up and start creating and design anything you want, for free. A few months ago I upgraded to Canva For Work which gave me a few more features that I was craving. It has been amazing for branding, collaborating and having more of my work look cohesive. But, I’ll note that I used the free version for two years!

  5.  It is perfect for small business owners + bloggers.

    If you have a blog or a small business and find yourself creating content often for social media, Canva will be your best friend. You can create anything you need for your brand/business on this platform. It is a major asset to your toolbox.

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Who can use Canva?

Anyone! I had a few people asking me if they need to be experienced to use Canva, I just laughed because like I said, I am not a graphic designer! Canva allows you to be your own graphic designer. You don’t need any experience, and playing around with the software will enable you to learn as you go.

So if you are a…

  • Graphic Designer
  • Beginner with a passion to design/create
  • Business Owner
  • Artist
  • Student
  • Blogger
  • Craft enthusiast
  • Etc!

Do yourself a favor and try Canva out!


My Favourite Features

Aside from being insanely easy to use there are a few features that stand out to me and might make the difference for you as well!

Ready Made Templates

Hannah Russell Canva Review

I’ve said enough, feel free to hop over to Canva Marketplace and browse through 50,000+ options.


Branding Kit (Canva For Work Only)

I am being a little cheeky and throwing in this feature although it is only available to Canva For Work users. The branding kit is such a big help in my daily designing needs. It keeps my brand’s colours ready-to-go and also my chosen fonts. Whenever I am creating blog graphics I don’t have to search for text and type in colour codes – which saves me loads of time.

Access to FREE Stock Photography

On the FREE Canva you can still find and access FREE photos, but Canva For Work has such good options for stock photography. Which saves me the trouble of finding another stock photography website to source my images from, I can do everything from one place. Again – time-saving.

Hannah Russell Canva Review

Constant Improvements + Canva Community

When you fall in love with any tool, app or platform it is so refreshing to see the brand evolve and grow. Canva has skyrocketed in users and as it has grown they have constantly put in the effort to expand and grow with their users. One of the things I love most about using Canva is I feel like I have everything I need inside the platform. I can learn, discover and practice all in the same place. There is a real sense of community in Canva and its users and that is something you can’t fake.

I am always finding useful and helpful articles/tutorials from Canva. They are an email I look forward to seeing in my inbox (not spam, lol).

So my babes, there you have it!

My full and honest opinion on using Canva. If you give it a try I’d love to hear your first impressions below in the comments. Or, if you are already a Canva user let me know your favorite feature!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this post was helpful and informative!


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